About Us


We did not start out as entrepreneurs or highly-driven individuals trying to make their mark in the e-commerce world. We started out as two average Singaporean pet-owners + one awesome dog, living in a home with too much fabric lying about.

We have a penchant for collecting lovely, fun, unique printed fabrics. We bought our first fabric/cloth in Japan, something called a Furoshiki. They came in a myriad of colours and design (we have alot of these at home). Then we got a little more ambitious and started exploring online fabric stores, and buying yards of cotton fabric because we loved the prints.

Many many yards later, we decided to be a little more productive with what we have, so we started making bandanas. We love making dog bandanas for our corgi because we love to see her looking all spiffy and adorable in her different colored bandanas and prints. She looks like a fashionista.

This little project of ours turned into something bigger when we took over a second-hand sewing machine. We decided to take a chance on ourselves by starting an online place, selling our handmade bandanas.

We took the name "The Kind Pup" because we believe kindness should underlie everything we do, and this lovely journey started because of our littlest pup.



All our products are proudly handmade. We never mass produce so everything comes in small and treasured batches. Your bandanas and dog tags are made by real people behind sewing machines, not a factory.



We strive to minimize waste and reduce the amount of plastic we use. All our packaging materials are plastic-free and 100% recyclable. The packaging sleeve for our bandanas is exclusively designed to convert into a bandana holder.